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Office Of The Superintendent

Dr. Mark B. Skertich

Dr. Mark B. Skertich

The Superintendent of Schools plays a critical role in managing the overall functioning of a school district. This position involves overseeing the individuals responsible for the daily operations of schools within the district and ensuring that all aspects of the district are running smoothly. The Superintendent's Office generates various items that require the Board of Education's approval, including:

  • Hiring and dismissal of personnel
  • Budgets
  • School calendars
  • Textbooks and other large purchases
  • Policy changes
  • Expulsions

These responsibilities ensure that the Superintendent of Schools maintains a significant influence over the educational environment and policy within the district.

The Superintendent of Schools oversees the individuals responsible for managing the daily operations of the schools and the district. The Office of the Superintendent prepares items for the Board of Education's approval, including personnel hiring and dismissal, budgets, school calendars, major purchases like textbooks, policy changes, and expulsions.

Additionally, the Office of the Superintendent is responsible for:

  • Approving or denying requests from non-school related organizations for event publicity (poster displays in buildings and flyer distribution to students)
  • Maintaining the district’s employee database
  • Generating teacher contracts
  • Completing state and regional forms
  • Managing district publicity