Parents as Teachers


Zach Allen, Program Coordinator - email
Lisa Epps, Parent Educator - email
Christy Stark, Parent Educator - email

Starting Points Program (Newborn - Age 5)

The Starting Points program is a Parents As Teachers affiliate (a link to this national program can be found in the Resource Directory above). The program provides home visits, playgroups and informational parent meetings for families with children newborn to 5 years of age. Staff members are also available to provide developmental screenings for children less than 3 years of age.

Early Childhood Special Education Program (Ages 3 - 5)

The Early Childhood Special Education program is for preschool children who have significant delays in development in one or more of the following areas: speech, language, motor, intellect, or behavior. These delays are determined through a complete evaluation of the child in consultation with his or her parents. If a child is found to be eligible for the program, an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) will be developed. This IEP allows the teacher to assist the child in progressing at his or her own rate in the area of the delay. In the classrooms, typical preschool activities are interwoven with special services determined by the IEP to help each child work toward his or her potential.

Early Childhood Special Education Office

Julie Murphy, Coordinator-Email - email
Karen Leskera, Social Worker-Email - email
Kelly Witherbee, School Psychologist - email
Amy Hargett - Speech Language Pathologist - email

Free Screenings

Developmental screenings are held several times throughout the school year. Children receive free vision, hearing, speech, language and overall development checks by the Early Childhood and PreK district staff. For more information about dates and locations, please click on the Early Childhood Screening link in the PDF Library above.