Collinsville High School - (PDF)
Collinsville High School - Espanol - (PDF)
Collinsville Middle School - (PDF)
Collinsville Middle School - Espanol - (PDF)
Dorris Intermediate School - (PDF)
Dorris Intermediate School - Espanol - (PDF)
Elementary K- 4 - (PDF)
Elementary K-4 Espanol - (PDF)


All Collinsville students will receive a school handbook at the beginning of the academic year. The handbook lists district and school information and guidelines. The handbook is intended to provide information that will be helpful in the pursuit of educational goals and general adjustment to the policies and procedures of the district and school.

School climate, expectations, rules and consequences are provided to help establish an environment for learning. Students and parents are advised to become familiar with the contents of the handbook. Please refer specific handbook questions to the building administrator.