Community Urged to Pressure Illinois to #PassILBudget
April 28, 2017

Kahok PR
April 28, 2017

Your help is needed! #PassILBudget is a grassroots initiative urging Illinois lawmakers and the Governor to improve the state’s education funding formula, and pay school districts millions of dollars owed in unpaid bills this year.

For almost two years, Illinois has operated with just a partial budget for education and a “stopgap” budget for most everything else, leading to cuts at local government entities, community service organizations and education agencies that support our families and communities.

The state now owes Collinsville School District more than $2.2 million.

We have been operating without a full budget for the past 22 months. Our district will continue to suffer due to the lack of certainty, inequitable funding and current unpaid bills from the state. Let’s work together to #PassILBudget.

As legislators return to Springfield following spring break, school districts are sharing their frustration with the state budget crisis and taking to social media with a call to #PassILBudget.

CUSD 10 Superintendent Dr. Robert Green has joined more than 390 school chiefs from across the state, representing 1.3 million students, in calling for the Illinois General Assembly to immediately pass a state budget.

“I stand with more than 390 superintendents from across the state in a call for action,” said Dr. Green. “We need to end the impasse now and move forward with a budget that will serve the two million K-12 Illinois public school students who represent our future.”

Speak up! Contact your local legislator. To find your local legislator, visit: https://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/ and ask them to make these three requests a priority:
1.) Immediately, and with bipartisan support, end the state budget impasse.
Improve the state’s education funding formula and invest in students, including students in higher education institutions.
2.) Pay school districts what they are owed this year.
3.) Spread the word with friends and on social media with the hashtag #PassILBudget.

Without a full state budget, our district will continue to struggle if mandated categoricals -- state payments which support special education, bilingual education, transportation, and other important services -- do not get paid this year.

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