Kreitner Teachers Honored for Special Service to Families
March 01, 2017

Kahok PR
March 01, 2017

Kreitner Elementary School teachers were honored with a surprise visit by CUSD 10 Superintendent Dr. Robert Green who thanked them for going "above and beyond" to help families when weather prevented students from getting their "Tote Me Home" food bags.

On Fridays, 60 bags of food are sent home with Kreitner students through the Tote Me Home program to make sure children have food to eat when school is not in session. When school was called off due to approaching winter weather, several Kreitner teachers realized children would not receive their Tote Me Home bags for the week.

Jeannette Deppe, Steffiny Sweet, John Parciak, Nicole Basarich, Jennifer Arnotti and Kim Cook stepped in to deliver food to families the evening before the inclement weather was scheduled to arrive.

Dr. Green personally recognized the teachers -- and brought a cake to their staff meeting -- for their dedication to Kreitner students and families.

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