CUSD 10 Inclement Weather Policy
January 11, 2017

Kahok PR
January 11, 2017

Here is information about how the district balances the factors that come into play when we face a weather-related decision, the options for school days impacted by weather and how decisions are communicated.

The district will make the call about delaying or closing school based on reports from our bus company, weather reports and information gathered from Unit 10 staff and municipal employees who are out driving and assessing road conditions in all parts of our school district.

We use the following criteria to make a decision:
- Safety of students
- Impact on families in the affected areas if they must report for school
- Areas affected - is the event district-wide, localized, or scattered?
- Ability of buses to get to students

The district has three options in the event of bad weather:
- Close the schools altogether
- Delay the opening of school for two hours
- Release/dismiss students early

DELAYED START: In the rare event Unit 10 calls a 2-hour late opening, school will start 2 hours later than the normal bell time. For example if your normal bell time is 8:00 AM, your scheduled late start time is 10:00 AM. The morning bus routes will run 2 hours later than normal. The school day will end at the normal times.

EARLY RELEASE: Once children are in school, approximately two hours are required to get the last child home after a decision is made to close schools. For this reason, it is unlikely school will be canceled once classes are in session. However, when conditions dictate an early release, school will be dismissed. The School Messenger calling system will notify parents of any early school dismissal.

It is also a good idea to check updates posted on the local television stations any time weather conditions are changing or in question. The district website and social media will carry early school dismissal information as soon as decisions are made.

It is very important that parents have plans for younger children when school is dismissed early. In the event that the district releases students early due to weather, please communicate with the school if alternate student pick-up plans are made.

School closure, release and delay information is relayed in a variety of ways:
- School Messenger phone messaging system
- Unit 10 social media on Facebook and Twitter
- Local television stations
- District web site (www.kahoks.org.)

If no report is made, it can be assumed that school will be in session. Please insure children dress for protection against prolonged exposure to the weather as a safety precaution.

We do not take weather-related decisions lightly. As with any decision, student learning is our top priority, but student safety is always our first consideration.

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