AASA - American Association of School Administrators
ASCD - Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development
IAASE - Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education
IADA - Illinois Athletic Directors Association
IAEOP - Illinois Association of Educational Office Professionals
IASA - Illinois Association of School Administrators
IASB - Illinois Association of School Boards
IASBO - Illinois Association of School Business Officials
IEA - Illinois Education Association
IPA - Illinois Principals Association
IRA - International Reading Association
IRC - Illinois Reading Council
NAESP - National Association of Elementary School Principals
NEA - National Education Association
NSBA - National School Boards Association


There are a variety of professional organizations available for teachers and administrators in the education profession. These organizations provide educators with the opportunity to join their colleagues throughout the state and country to improve the quality of public education and to maintain the high standards of the profession. The organizations are very influential in educational policy making.

Most of the professional organizations are developed to attract individuals with specific interests and responsibilities in the school district. Examples of these individual organizations would include those specific to teachers, principals, superintendents, school business officials, special education directors and curriculum coordinators.

Membership in professional organizations provides an excellent way for teachers and administrators to network with other individuals working in similar positions in other school districts. Organizations offer benefits that may include legal assistance, opportunities for professional development, conferences, newsletters, journals and employment opportunities.