SCHOOL NURSES support student success through interventions that improve student health and impact academic achievement. They provide emergency/urgent/first aid care to all student as needed. The school nurses develop Individual Healthcare Plans for medically fragile students. Individual Healthcare Plans ensure consistency of emergent/urgent and routine care of these students. They administer and monitor routine, as needed, and emergency medications as prescribed by a physician and in accordance with the district medication policy.

School nurses conduct health assessments and compile health histories for students being evaluated for Individual Educational Plans (IEPs) by helping to ensure inclusion of students with disabilities and significant and/or multiple medical or cognitive impairments. They provide input and train school staff regarding the needs of students, chronic health conditions, bloodborne pathogens, and CPR/AED certification.

School nurses are responsible for state-mandated on-site vision and hearing screenings. In addition, they are responsible for collecting and compiling school health physicals, immunizations, dental, and eye exams. They contribute to Section 504 accommodation plans that allow students with substantial disabilities to have equal access to education. School nurses act as on-site public health investigators; in this role, school nurses work to prevent communicable diseases and respond to disease outbreaks under the direction of the Health Department.

School nurses are trained to provide on-site services that are culturally sensitive, focus on prevention and wellness, and act as effective outreach and medical liaisons between school, students, family, and health care providers. They act as educational catalysts helping to promote, plan, and implement successful school-wide programs to improve learning readiness.

Collinsville Unit School District #10 employs seven (7) nurses for its twelve (12) school buildings serving Collinsville, Maryville, Caseyville, Hollywood Heights, and parts of Fairmont City. Among these nurses are 4. 2 RNs with a Master's degree, 3 RNs with a BSN in Nursing, and all 5 holding a Type 73 Professional Educators Licensure specializing in School Nursing (IL/PEL-CSN). In addition, there is an RN (non-certified) and a LPN who providing care for our students. The use of comprehensively prepared nurses is increasingly important as more students are attending school with severe life-threatening medical conditions (e.g. asthma, diabetes, seizures, and food allergies), injuries, and growth abnormalities. The health staff make every effort to prioritize and safely cover the health and medical needs of our students.

The main goal of CUSD#10's School Health Service Program is to promote a positive learning environment for all students by maintaining a safe and healthy school in order to impact academic achievement.