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Special Education Manual


Director of Special Education and Related Services
Alison Underwood - email
618-343-2878, ext. 3011

Collinsville Unit 10 Special Education provides a range of services to over 1,000 students with disabilities. Our staff members includes all special education staff and related services. Four building-level coordinators provide technical assistance to special and general education staff and administrators. Over 50% of our students with IEPs are included in the general education setting at least 60% of the school day.

Through inclusive schools and a challenging curriculum, the CUSD 10 Special Education Program prepares all students to become productive and contributing members of the community.

All students with special needs in CUSD 10 will receive exemplary special education services in the Least Restrictive Environment.

Core Values

Partnerships with families
By working closely with families, students are assured a consistent and coordinated educational experience.

Inclusive environment
Inclusion provides opportunities for students to interact with peers, benefit from positive role models and promotes understanding and acceptance of individual differences.

Challenging curriculum
An individually based curriculum derived from state learning standards and emphasizing higher order thinking skills will maximize student achievement.

Individuality of each child
Recognize and build upon the unique strengths and abilities of each child.

Use of positive interventions
Relevant and consistent interventions will optimize students opportunities to succeed.  Interventions will be timely, respectful and appropriate.

Collaboration between regular and special education staff
Successful collaboration is fostered by open lines of communication and a commitment to a decision making process emphasizing consensus building and teamwork.

Adequate resources
A progressive, successful educational program relies on a budget that provides for the necessary number of well trained and highly qualified teachers and support staff.  In addition, the budget should support sufficient numbers of up to date textbooks, materials, supplies and equipment.

Department Staff

Name Position Email Location Phone Ext.
Witherbee, KellySchool Psychologistkwitherb@cusd.kahoks.orgCHS346-6320
Nicholl, EllenTeacher for visually impaired studentsenicholl@cusd.kahoks.orgCMS741-8926
Wohlrab, JanaSpecial Education Coordinatorjwohlrab@cusd.kahoks.orgCMS343-21002140
Achenbach, PatriciaSecretarypachenba@cusd.kahoks.orgDistrict Special Ed. Office343-28783003
Benson, JulieSchool Psychologistjbenson@cusd.kahoks.orgDistrict Special Ed. Office343-2878
Kraemer, AnitaSchool Psychologistakraemer@cusd.kahoks.orgDistrict Special Ed. Office343-2878
Schwander, EvaSecretaryeschwand@cusd.kahoks.orgDistrict Special Ed. Office343-28783005
Smith, DeniseSecretarydsmith7@cusd.kahoks.orgDistrict Special Ed. Office343-28783007
Thompson, LauraComputer Support Specialistlthomps2@cusd.kahoks.orgDistrict Special Ed. Office346-63504299
Ritchie, KathleenIEP Coordinatorkritchie@cusd.kahoks.orgDorris Intermediate346-6311
Taylor, DebraSecretarydtaylor1@cusd.kahoks.orgHollywood Heights343-28783006
Murphy, JulieSpecial Education Coordinatorjmurphy1@cusd.kahoks.orgMaryville346-6261
Alley, DawnOccupational Therapist Assistantdalley@cusd.kahoks.orgWebster346-6301
Church, CynthiaBilingual Translatorcchurch@cusd.kahoks.orgWebster346-6213
Hoffarth, AnnettePhysical Therapist Assistantahoffart@cusd.kahoks.orgWebster346-6302
Maxim, HeatherOccupational Therapisthmaxin@cusd.kahoks.orgWebster346-6301
McGinnis, AngieAdapted P.E. Teacheramcginni@cusd.kahoks.orgWebster346-6301
Rea, SherryOccupational Therapy Assistantsrea@cusd.kahoks.orgWebster346-6301
Schwierjohn, BrentPsychologistbschwier@cusd.kahoks.orgWebster
Wuebbels, AngiePhysical Therapistawuebbel@cusd.kahoks.orgWebster346-6301